HP DesignJet Z6 44-in PostScript Printer

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PRECISE – Clearly distinguish subtle details
FAST – Work without delays
SECURE – Protect your work and your information

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Read details more clearly and see high-contrast
colour with new high-definition HP printheads.
No need for light inks with HP's dual drop
Handle even the most complex files with
powerful processing architecture and the Adobe
PDF Print Engine.
Cut maps to different sizes in fewer steps with
the first printer including an integrated vertical
Print up to 20% faster with 2400 nozzle-perinch, high-definition HP printheads.
Spend less time on media changes and
adjustments with dual roll support and
automatic roll switching.
Protect printers/data from unauthorised access
with HP Secure Boot, whitelisting, and encrypted
hard disk.
Protect documents, preserve confidentiality with
authentication solutions like PIN printing, card
Secure your printers with HP JetAdvantage
Security Manager; manage your fleet remotely
with HP Web Jetadmin.


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